A 2016 Leftover Called Icey

Before entering in the madness of a new year, I had some time off. What did I do with this break? Well, I played a little indie game called Icey. It came out in November 2016 and was lost in my Steam library since then. So I now present my review of this peculiar title.

To make it simple Icey is the combination of The Stanley Parable and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in 2D. You won’t play this game for the challenge but for the ideas behind it. The combat system is fast and straightforward, but it is clear that it was not the main focus for the game. Why? Because even while playing in Hard Mode the battles are too easy and gimmicky. Here is a tip on how to win every fight without dying: Dodge and counter. I don’t mean dodge in a Dark Souls’ kind of way. I mean spam that dodge button if you are in a pinch. I could play a game that was only about using this fighting system but only if the difficulty was ramped up and the mechanics were balanced. I couldn’t die due to invulnerability frames.


The game is visually interesting, but the environments are repetitive. I don’t really see that as a problem due to the fact that a normal play trough takes about four hours and a 100% one about six. I also think that this was a decision to tie in with the narration. I don’t want to spoil the fun so I’ll make it quick: You can interact with the narrator by following (or not) his indications. We can discover that he is a weak-minded and shallow individual through some events which links with some artistic and design decisions. You will understand if you decide to follow this route during your adventure. The music sounds better than those of some fully fledged action games I won’t name. If you are interested, the soundtrack is available for free as a DLC if you buy Icey.

To enjoy Icey to the fullest you have to be prepared to mess around with the narrator a lot.  He is what makes the game unique. Don’t buy this game for the plot behind that pushes the main character showing on the screen. The real story is between you, the player, and the narrator. Icey is a good little game. I enjoyed these six hours like I enjoyed Stanley’s Parable. Once you start playing the “real” game, you won’t stop until you are finished.


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